If you are ready to register for the:

  • Caribou Marathon (42km)
  • Caribou Half Marathon (21km)
  • 2, 4 or  8 Human Relays
  • Kids’ Marathon (if you are under 12 years old)

Then you are in the right place!!  

Just push the button below and you will be transported to another dimension where everything is glorious and there are dancing, fluffy unicorns.

not really, but if we could, we would….in the meantime, we have the next best thing….

The Caribou Road Races!

online registration for boston qualifier marathon

All of the above will take place on September 17, 2017 in Caribou, Maine, USA.  PLEASE see the individual race pages for detailed information like specific start times other rules.


Here is the Race Weekend Basic Schedule.  For more detailed info, please check out our Race Weekend Schedule Page or FAQ Page.

TBD (2/3/17- working on it!)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

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  • Frequently Asked Question

    Where and when can I pick up my race packet?
    You may pick up your race packet on Saturday, September 17th, between 2-7pm at the…

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