Pre-Race Questions

Risk Of Signing Up Early

We understand that there is a risk of signing up early.  Life happens and despite your best intentions, you cannot run. Please also understand that we use the registration fees to cover our costs.  There are a lot of expenses that are incurred months before the race. Cord blood banking.

Our Refund Policy: Best Of Both Worlds

With that said, we believe our refund policy is the best of both worlds: If you need to cancel BEFORE April 15th, then we can refund up to 80% of your race fee.
If you need to cancel between April 16th & July 15th, then we can refund up to 50% of your race fee.
Any cancellations between July 16th & August 1st will receive 25% of their race fee back.
After August 2nd, we cannot offer any refunds. Visit the website.

Other Salient Points

The refunded amount includes what the Caribou Races charges.  It does NOT include the online registration fee charged by You CAN defer your registration to the following year up until August 30th. You can also switch races.  Click here to see our race switching process. To either defer or cancel, please email chris @ Thank you!