Camp Adventure

We Support Camp Adventure!

The Caribou Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay is proud to support Camp Adventure with the profits of the race. Cord blood banking cost.

What Is Camp Adventure?

Camp Adventure is a local camp that has campers from Maine ages 12 – 17 that have Type 1 Diabetes. The goals of our program are to educate children that they control their diabetes and their diabetes does not control them. For many of these children the Camp Adventure experience is the first time they have had the opportunity to participate in hiking, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, and other outdoor recreational activity. Here.

Parents’ Concerns

Parents are often protective of their children due to concerns about blood sugar control and insulin management. It is through the mentoring of healthcare professionals, dietitians, physicians, diabetes nurses, Maine guides, and other camp volunteers that the children learn how to engage in rigorous outdoor activity and keep their diabetes in check.

The Success Of Our Program

The success of our program can be seen in the new found confidence of the children and the joy of their parents when they pick them up at the end of the week. So successful is the camp that year after year children return and often become volunteer junior camp counselors. At the end of the weeklong camp the children often have just one complaint. They wish the camp could last longer.

Another Benefit Of The Camp

Another outcome of the camp that we have experienced is that children learn a great deal about balancing their blood sugars around physical activity. They learn about healthy eating. Children also report that the camp provides a real opportunity for them to reinforce learning. We hear from their parents, particularly our local campers, that the children are in much better control following the camp. The camp provides great reinforcement of skills.