Annual Evaluation Of The Camp Experience

Thorough Evaluation

Each year we complete a thorough evaluation of the camp experience. We distribute surveys to children and to parents as to their thoughts and to learn directly from the children about ways we can improve our program, new ideas, and what they liked best or least. We have a camp advisory committee that will review these survey results.

Nature Of The Review

The camp advisory committee examines the multiple aspects of the camp experience each year with a goal of increasing the number of activities available, add new learning opportunities, recruit additional camp volunteers and to improve upon the volunteer experience. Cord blood.

Camp Management

Our camp is managed by Erica Ouellette RN, a Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator and who has Type 1 Diabetes. Ann Gahagan, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner and Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management. Ann was the originalDirector of our camp, she continues to be co-director with Erica today. Ann developed camp as project for her Masters program, and implemented it shortly after; she has been with camp since the very beginning.

Other Key Staff

The camp also has Endocrinologist Dr. Mark Henderson, Family Practice Physicians, Licensed Maine Guide Rob Kieffer, Registered/Licensed Dietitian Kim Malone, are among camp leadership. We also have EMT’s, Parmedics, Registered Nurses, and Junior Counseling Staff. For the past 18 years, staff have volunteered their time and continue to do so.